(Reviewed by John Verity)

Conceived by Harpist Gary Garritan when developing an electronic MIDI harp and finding the need for samples with a high standard of quality and expression. Gary went on to develop the very first independent sample libraries across a whole range of instruments.

The purchaser is provided with a serial number. Register the serial and a personalized key-card (a graphic that looks like a credit card) is generated.

There is no need to purchase a separate sample player, as the ARIA Player is included with the GPO 5 sample library - GPO 5 is authorized by simply dragging the key-card into the ARIA Player. Hey Presto!

Once installed, this reviewer was soon sifting through an extensive range of compelling virtual orchestral instruments and ensembles.

For the purposes of this review I was able to use GPO 5 as a standalone, simply using the ARIA Player with my master keyboard, and inside my DAW utilizing pre-programmed MIDI files. GPO 5 gives you a complete orchestra – strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, keyboards - more than 500 instruments to choose from.

Also included are a wide variety of instrument-specific articulations and techniques, performance spaces and reverbs, and instrument body resonances, all intended to provide realism and authenticity - and they do...

In Conclusion...

It is impossible not to be impressed by this package, and it is sure to be a valuable tool for the educator and student alike. Learners at all levels will find the ARIA Player accessible, making it easy to negotiate through all the samples/instruments provided.

At a little over £100 GPO 5 is a no-brainer considering the quality and range of samples provided, and the provision of an effective sample player as part of the package.

There are many units across all vocational qualifications – both composition, and performance that would benefit from the availability of this package.

Bulletproof – there were no problems or glitches during the duration of this review therefore I feel confident it will integrate seamlessly into the learning environment with no negative issues.

Highly recommended

View a full range of the instruments below:


Solo piccolo trumpet, Three first trumpet players, First trumpet solo, Three second trumpet players, Second trumpet solo, Solo and three trumpet players with straight mute, Two trumpet overlays, Three SAM trumpet players, SAM trumpet section, SAM trumpet solo, SAM solo piccolo trumpet


First bass trombone solo, Second bass trombone solo, SAM bass trombone solo, Three SAM trombone players, SAM trombone section, SAM trombone solo, Two trombone overlays, Three trombone players, Trombone solo, Solo and three trombone players with mute


Three first French horn players, First French horn solo, Three second French horn players, Second French horn solo, Three French horn overlays, Solo and three French horn players with mute, Three SAM French horn players, SAM French horn section, SAM French horn solo


Contratuba solo, SAM tuba solo, First tuba solo, Second tuba solo, Two tuba overlays

Keyboards, Harps, and Choirs - KEYBOARDS
Celesta, Two Concert D grand pianos, Two Studio B grand pianos, Two glass armonicas, Harpsichord, Five pipe organ mixes and combinations, Nine individual pipe organ stops, Custom pipe organ console with 74 individual stops


Two chromatic harps, Concert grand harp, Two glissando harps, Two harp harmonics, Two pedal mode glissando harps


Two soprano articulations, Soprano solo with and without vibrato, Two alto articulations, Two tenor articulations, Two bass articulations, Three boys choir articulations, Three children’s choir articulations, Full choir.

Percussion instruments - UNPITCHED
Basic orchestra percussion, Bass drum, Cymbals, Orchestral quad toms, Percussion accessories, Snares, Wind machine


Crotales, Glockenspiel, Handbells, Two marimbas, Three timpani, Tubular bells, Two vibraphones, Xylophone

Stringed instruments - SOLO STRINGS

Nine violin solo techniques, Five viola solo techniques, Six cello solo techniques, Four bass solo techniques


Solo Stradivari Violin, Solo Gagliano Violin, Solo Guarneri Violin, 9 Violins for Ensembles, 1st Violin Section (12 Players), 2nd Violin Section (10 Players)


Solo Viola, 3 Violas for Ensembles, Viola Section (10 Players)


Solo Gofriller Cello, Solo Montagnana Cello, Solo Pierray Cello, 9 Cellos for Ensembles, Cello Section (8 Players)


Solo Double Bass, 3 Double Basses for Sections, Double Bass Section (7 Players)


Six first 3-violin group techniques, Five second 3-violin group techniques, Seven 6-violin group techniques, Three 4-viola group techniques, Three 3-cello group techniques, Three 2-bass group techniques


Two violin sections sustaining bow strokes (10 violins and 22 violins), Eight first violin section short bow strokes, Eight second violin section short bow strokes, Eleven first violin section additional techniques (col legno, harmonics, pizzicato), Nine second violin section additional techniques (col legno, harmonics, pizzicato), Viola section sustaining bow strokes, Five viola section short bow strokes, Eight viola section additional techniques (col legno, harmonics, pizzicato), Cello section sustaining bow strokes, Seven cello section short bow strokes, Ten cello section additional techniques (col legno, harmonics, pizzicato), Bass section sustaining bow strokes, Three bass section short bow strokes, Four bass section additional techniques (col legno, pizzicato), Five full strings, Six strings section effects.

Woodwind instruments -


Solo Flute, 3 Flutes for Ensembles, Piccolo, Alto Flute, Bass Flute


Solo Bb Clarinet, 3 Clarinets for Ensembles, Eb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, 3 Bass Clarinets for Ensembles, Contrabass Clarinet


Solo Oboe (Two Soloists), 3 Oboes for Ensembles, English Horn (Two Soloists), Solo Bassoon (Two Soloists), 3 Bassoons for Ensembles), Contra-bassoon (Two Soloists).